How to install Multimedia Player (RealPlayer 10) Ubuntu

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How to install Multimedia Player (RealPlayer 10) Ubuntu

Post by akuma on Sat Apr 12, 2008 2:00 pm

How to install Multimedia Player (RealPlayer 10)

* Read #General Notes
* Read #How to add extra repositories

sudo aptitude install realplay

Note: 'realplay' installs RealPlayer 10 from PLF repository, which you should be enabled if you followed this guide. 'realplayer' installs RealPlayer 8 from multiverse.

* Applications -> Sound & Video -> RealPlayer 10

It will also install all the necessary plugins automagically for it to view embedded real videos in Firefox

* To avoid issues of flickering or screen going blank when switching windows, goto
o RealPlayer 10 -> Tools -> Preferences -> Hardware -> Uncheck XVideo

* To avoid issues with sound
o Make sure you have ALSA OSS driver.

sudo aptitude install alsa-oss

then edit the startup script (/usr/lib/realplay-10.0.8/realplay) and changed line 73 from




Alternative Source

* Download Realplayer's Official Linux Version

Then add execute permissions to the installer and execute it.

chmod +x RealPlayer10GOLD.bin
sudo ./RealPlayer10GOLD.bin

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